Louisiana Sea Grant Oyster Research Laboratory
Thesis Outline
Louisiana Natural Systems
Louisiana Natural Systems
Louisiana Natural Systems
Louisiana Natural Systems
Louisiana Built Systems
Louisiana Legal Systems
CRMS Inspiration
Program Diagram
Bio-Engineered Oyster Reefs
Oyster Reef Breakwaters
Material Selections
CRMS Site Map and Massing Studies
1/4" = 1'-0" Scale Model at Armature Stage
1/4" = 1'-0" Scale Model at Shell Stage
Biomimicry Matrix
Oystower Construction Process
Oystower Building Section
Oystower Rendering in Coastal Context
Oystown Conceptual Sketches
Venice, Italy Urban Case Study
Bajau Laut, Malaysia Urban Case Study
Map of Site Visit to Grand Isle, LA
Louisiana Highway 1 along Bayou Lafourche
From Louisiana Highway 1 towards Port Fourchon
Louisiana Highway 1 Interchange near Port Fourchon
Proposed Test Site for the Oystown
Conceptual Model of the Oystown Water Column
Oystown Site Parti
Oystown Program Parti
Oystown Program Elements
Oystown Core Plan
Decumanus Maximus (North-South) Section
Decumanus Maximus Section Detail
Cardo Maximus (East-West) Section
Cardo Maximus Section Detail
Perspective of the Oystown Docks and Ice House
Perspective of the Oystown Systems Center and Garden
Perspective of the Oystown Porch and Chapel
Thesis Defense
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